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Festival Itinerary: Julia Gamolina, Madame Architect

Archtober's Festival Itineraries offer a curated selection of festival events, hand picked by a thought leader, editor, or creative mind that we admire in New York City. Our next itinerary is from Julia Gamolina of Madame Architect.

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October 9, 2023
Festival Itinerary

Archtober's Festival Itineraries offer a curated selection of festival events, hand picked by a thought leader, editor, or creative mind that we admire in New York City. Our next itinerary is from someone dedicated to the built environment and to celebrating the extraordinary people transforming it. Julia Gamolina is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Madame Architect, a digital magazine and media start-up. Trained as an architect herself and with a decade of experience across all aspects of design and business development, Gamolina stays engaged in professional practice as an Associate Principal at Ennead Architects and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute. In 2023, she was listed in the Wallpaper* USA 300, a list of the people defining America’s creative landscape. Gamolina also received the Special Citation from AIANY for her work with Madame Architect. Her writing has been featured in A Women's Thing, Fast Company, Metropolis Magazine, and the Architect's Newspaper. She has lectured widely, across college campuses such as Harvard, Mount Holyoke, and UCLA; at international conferences like the Women, Architecture and Sustainability Congress in Bogota and the 2023 UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen; and at events such as the New York Architecture Film Festival.

Take a look at what Gamolina is looking forward to at the 2023 festival, and plan your own itinerary!

1. Boat Tour: AIANY Climate Change Tour: Resiliency, Sustainable Architecture, and the Future of NYC on October 13. Gamolina says:

The climate crisis, and the steps needed both for mitigation and adaptability, can feel overwhelming. One of the best ways to combat this feeling is to see specifically where current and future impacts are felt. I'm looking forward to this tour, and to learn more about our waterfront and the most effective design solutions for resiliency, environmental justice, and diverse ecosystems. Go to Boat Tour event page.

Classic Harbor Line's classic yacht, Manhattan II, during an Around Manhattan Architecture Tour. Photo: Courtesy of Classic Harbor Line.

Life, Assembled Screening and Following Q&A on October 14. Gamolina says:

I look forward to the Architecture & Design Film Festival every year; film gives us a powerful way to experience architecture and the design decisions of the people behind it. I'm especially excited for this film as it's directed by architect Elodie Degavre, and am curious to see how the female perspective on the architects and work she captures comes through. See Life, Assembled event page.

A still from Life, Assembled. Photo: Courtesy of Architecture & Design Film Festival.

3. An Otomí Leader and an Architecture of Indigenous Reclamation on October 17. Gamolina says:

The Indigenous Peoples have always designed in a way that is synchronized with nature and for our holistic relationship within larger systems. There is so much to be learned and celebrated from the way they've built their communities, and I look forward to this discussion. See An Otomí Leader and an Architecture of Indigenous Reclamation event page.

4. Playful Dualities of Public Space: Michelle Delk on October 17. Gamolina says:

I've long loved Michelle Delk's work in landscape architecture, another field I'm looking to learn much more from as the architecture community comes together to mitigate and design for the climate crisis. See Playful Dualities of Public Space: Michelle Delk event page.

550 Madison Garden View. Photo: Barrett Doughty.

5. Madame Architect Presents: Amale Andraos at the DVF Studio Headquarters on October 19. Gamolina says:

I'm sure excited about our new event series at Madame Architect, where we interview architects in the spaces they designed - about the space, their ethos for practice, and about their background. During Archtober, our Madame Architect Presents event will be with Amale Andraos at the DVF Studio Headquarters, which WORKac designed. See Madame Architect event page.

DVF Studio Headquarters. Photo: Courtesy of Madame Architect.

6. Pumpkitecture! Architectural Pumpkin Carving Competition on October 27. Gamolina says:

What fun! I'll be judging this year's competition and encourage all to take a break from Revit, CAD, Rhino and the like and come in for a whimsical events. Who will earn this year's Pritzkerpumpkin?! See Pumpkitecture! event page.

Pumpkitecture 2022 at the Center for Architecture. Photo: Matthew Carasella.