Nature-Inspired Bronze Works by Anasthasia Millot

May 18, 2023
June 28, 2023
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Anasthasia Millot’s new collection of delicately and rigorously crafted furniture is a feat. In 2014 she brought us her first groundbreaking collection influenced by her studies in fashion design with subtly dynamic shapes that seemed to defy the static of solid material. Now she demonstrates her thoughtful investigations of bronze textures with architectonic perfection.  Her inspiration comes from Nature. Geometric constructions, symmetry and poetry of thistles, wheat ears and the vascular system of leaves. Seemingly effortless her designs and textures are painstakingly studied and the result of a long experimentation. In her new body of work Anasthasia pairs her signature lines, taut and startlingly fluid, with elaborate textures.

To achieve her vision, she had to push the boundaries of the bronze process.  As a partner in the foundry established by her husband Didier Redoutey she is well versed in the techniques of casting, lost wax, and textured patina. Only this time it had to be literal. Guided by the logic of nature, she was able to approach textures one component at a time.  

A wall light in alabaster is trussed in its center with a bronze braid reconfigured from the multiple parts of a wheat ear. The mirror frame was designed and fabricated by juxtaposing elements from a thistle only recomposed and layered until she was satisfied with the balance and coherence of each curve, each fragment. The result is eloquent like sculpture. Anasthasia succeeds in combining the lightness and gentleness of Nature with a material more often associated with mass and stillness.  

The new collection is extensive, and each work is substantial. The exhibition includes a pair of side tables, a floor lamp, stools, a coffee table, and decorative objects all devised with the same logic. We look forward to introducing you to this graceful achievement.


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