Annette Cords - Delirious Disruptions

September 6, 2023
October 15, 2023
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Call On Me / Say It Softly, Hand-woven Jacquard tapestry, wool & cotton, 53.5 x 40.5 inches, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

1014’s fall season opens with Delirious Disruptions, a solo exhibition by Annette Cords featuring her Jacquard tapestries, works on paper, and digital prints. Through diverse media and approaches, the artist explores the material culture of the city and the layered messages that coexist, amplify, and void each other in the built environment. Curated by Jill Conner.

Annette Cords offers a walkthrough of her exhibition on September 9th from 11:00 am-12:00 pm, September 21st from 5:00-6:00 pm, and October 14th from 11:00 am-12:00 pm. To register for a tour, please visit

The exhibition’s title, Delirious Disruptions, is inspired by Rem Koolhaas’ book Delirious New York. According to Koolhaas: “The city becomes a mosaic of episodes, each with its own particular life span, that contest each other through the medium of the Grid.” The ever-changing metropolis makes, re-makes, and erases its buildings and culture, becoming a Rosetta Stone of architecture and human behavior.

In her Jacquard Tapestries, Annette Cords uses collage, along with the merging and layering of visual and textual information, as a method for paying attention and discovering unexpected connections. She explores the interrelationship of varied visual-textual languages and how the intersection of multiple voices and viewpoints creates layered messages and metaphors. The tapestries begin with drawings, photographs, and word pairings; elements are added, subtracted, and combined in Photoshop and Illustrator. Cords then brings image files into digital weaving programs where each pixel becomes a stitch, an interlacing of warp and weft. Frequently, the artist takes one weaving file, doubles back, and repeats parts of it, revealing a search for articulation and meaning.

For her show at 1014, Annette Cords develops a series of glyphs inspired by the interior and exterior ironwork of the Beaux-Arts building. The townhouse is about to undergo a re-configuration, a transformation by Chipperfield Architects in 2024. Repurposing the formal elements of the ironwork, Cords creates graphic characters that she digitally prints and adheres to the walls. The artist considers how the space can be re-written or written anew while incorporating components from its past.

The installation at 1014 encourages multiple perspectives and interpretations: the tapestries hang from frames so that the front and the back can be viewed; glyphs and visual elements are placed on the walls and activate the architecture; and the tapestries confer a tangible presence to intertwined words and images. Through the interaction of digital and analog ways of working, Cords links disparate elements—digital typefaces and drawn forms, visual weave structures and recognizable texts, pixel-based pictures and tactile surfaces. The unexpected juxtapositions and layering invite viewers to look closely and decipher new meanings.


Unfortunately, 1014 Fifth Avenue is in the process of being refurbished, and is not fully accessible in its current state. We apologize to our guests and kindly ask you to contact if you need further information or assistance. We will do our best to enable everyone to join us.


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