Ann Hamilton

July 16, 2023
August 20, 2023
125 1/2 Round Lake Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
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the event of a thread by Ann Hamilton, Park Avenue Armory, New York, New York. December 5, 2012 - January 6, 2013. Image Credit: Thibault Jeansen.

Ann Hamilton is a visual artist internationally recognized for the sensory surrounds of her large scale, multi- media installations. Sensitive to the contingencies of the sites where they are made – cloth, texts spoken and written, animals, and people suspended or in motion – her installations immerse viewers in a poetic at once visceral and literary. Hamilton’s exhibition at ‘T’ Space will be the artist’s first major exhibition in New York since her blockbuster exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory in 2012: the event of a thread.

Hamilton will present a series of hybrid sculptures, utilizing raw animal products and alluding to human form, which challenge distinctions between nature/ culture and human/ animal. Text reliefs emerging from solid stone, produced in collaboration with poet Ann Lauterbach, will be featured prominently in the exhibition. An ephemera work made in collaboration with Culpeck & Clark will be available for visitors to take. Hamilton’s installation will combine needle-felted raw fleece sculptures, poetry, and responsive sound.

The artist writes:

“behind this is thinking about distance

the distance between the animal with cloven feel and the biped with toes

the distance between the animal who makes its coat and the animal who grows one,

the distance between the stone – formed from heat pressure and time and an inscription that lines its surfaces,

the distance between a voice and a sound’s echo, a figure and its shadow.”

Hamilton’s exhibition will be on view during Upstate Art Weekend (July 21 – 24) and will feature extended viewing hours and special programing.


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