Woodlawn Art Deco Icons

Jul 20
2:00 pm
4:00 pm
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For an exceptional midsummer treat, join Art Deco Society of New York for a special access, custom-designed trolley tour of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Built on rolling hills, Woodlawn’s tree-lined roads lead to exceptional architectural treasures, some of which were designed by noted American architects such as Ely Jacques Kahn, while many feature magnificent stained-glass windows by renowned artisans at Tiffany’s.

While taking in the lush summer foliage, during our visit we will see unique Deco designs, stunning Egyptian-revival structures, and learn of famous Jazz Age personalities buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Many legendary 1920s and 30s characters can be found at Woodlawn where inspiring artistic works and remarkable mausoleums denote their memorials. Find jazz and musical greats, instrumental New York political figures, and key individuals in the women’s suffrage movement, among others.