Urban Ecosystems | Living Among the Plants, Animals, and Fungi of NYC

Apr 20
6:30 pm
9:00 pm
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Alongside New York City’s diverse population of humans, bustling communities of plants, animals, and fungi have co-evolved within an ever expanding urban landscape. The island of Manhattan is a vibrant oasis for thousands of species, including many endangered wild native plants, foraged foods, and cultivated crop varieties that carry with them the stories of our rich cultural heritage as New Yorkers. Often hidden in plain sight, the vast network of biodiversity that lives between buildings and among urban green spaces is also critical to safeguarding our future food security.

In honor of Earth Day, join our panel of land stewards, urban foragers, farmers, community gardeners, and seed savers for an evening of storytelling as we explore the often unseen worlds within the wilds and gardens of the Big Apple.

Hosted by MCNY curator and food justice activist Monxo López, we’ll hear stories from Yemi Amu, founder and director of Oko Urban Farms; Sigrid Jakob, president of the New York Mycological Society; Candace Thompson, manager of Solar 1’s Stuy Cove Park; William Mullan, an artist and apple forager and photographer; Iakowi:he'ne' Oakes, founder and executive director of the North American Indigenous Center of New York; and botanist and biodiversity activist, Marielle Anzelone.

Plant-based cheeses, crackers, cocktails and mocktails crafted by Candace Thompson featuring locally-foraged ingredients will be served at the end of the program.

Co-presented by MOFAD (Museum of Food and Drink).

Part of Eat Your Heart Out, a series of talks and tastings accompanying the exhibition Food in New York: Bigger Than the Plate.