Travel To: Holocaust Museum LA

May 15
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
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Join Archtober and Bloomberg Connects for a tour and presentation of the Holocaust Museum LA (HMLA) and its new “Building Truth” expansion project. The Jona Goldrich Campus, currently under construction, will double the museum’s physical space to serve 150,000 students annually, greatly amplifying its reach and impact. HMLA transformed a formerly under-utilized section of Pan Pacific Park, seamlessly integrating into the natural curvature of the park. With a primary focus on hosting culturally diverse students and public visitors, the architectural, landscape, and exhibition designs were developed to engage and educate the broadest audience possible.

The economical design of the nine galleries maximizes the 32,000-square-foot museum, and the incorporation of interactive technology, including audio-visual content and touchscreen displays, allows HMLA to convey a wealth of virtual information to visitors of all ages. The subterranean building’s understated presence on the street belies the complexity and volume of exhibition content, and the evocative experiences of the project overall.

In contrast to the compression of space and limited light in the existing museum, the new addition is entirely above ground. Utilizing truss technology, an “occupied bridge” spans across the LA County flood control spillway, while a new PTFE canopy rests atop the existing museum with an amoebic form. This addition embraces two new pavilions, offering lightness, shade, and transparency to transitional exterior atriums and gardens.

Beth Kean, HMLA CEO, and Hagy Belzberg, FAIA, Founding Partner of Santa Monica-based BA Collective, the firm behind the museum’s design, will lead a tour of the existing museum and the construction site of the new expansion. Belzberg will provide additional live commentary about the architecture and design of both projects.

This event is part of Archtober's virtual Travel To series, in partnership with Bloomberg Connects. The Travel To series seeks to highlight Bloomberg Connects partners that feature iconic architecture and historically significant sites across the United States and around the world. Join us as curators, preservationists, historians (and more!) bring these places and spaces alive in the comfort of your home.

Hagy Belzberg, FAIA, OAA, Founding Partner, BA Collective
Beth Kean, CEO, Holocaust Museum LA