The 15-Minute City with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s Special Envoy for Smart Cities

Feb 25
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
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Where you live in New York City can impact your level of transit service, park access, proximity to employment options, access to fresh foods and healthcare, and even your life expectancy. What if every neighborhood was filled with opportunity and the components New Yorkers need to thrive?

Imagine a New York where most needs and services can be met within 15 minutes of your home by foot, bike, or public transit. A city of proximity that is more connected, sustainable, and open. One that is truly planned for people. Join MAS for a keynote presentation by Professor Carlos Moreno, Special Envoy for Smart Cities for Mayor Anne Hidalgo in Paris, about the 15-Minute City, a concept that is now becoming reality. Following Professor Moreno’s presentation, he will be joined by Jarrett Murphy, Executive Editor of City Limits for a conversation about its application in New York.

There will be introductory remarks by Spencer Williams, Director of Advocacy for MAS, and time allotted for audience Q&A at the end of the program.

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