Rising Seas and Storm Surges: Climate Change and the Future of Coastal Heritage

Dec 7
11:00 am
1:00 pm
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Waves from Storm Ciarán near Folkestone, England. Image: Roger Stanger Photography

Coastal zones are among the most dynamic and volatile environments on the planet. They also include some of our most treasured heritage sites. As the rate of climate change accelerates, addressing its impacts–from rising sea levels to coastal erosion–poses the greatest and most complex challenge that coastal heritage sites have ever faced.

But while these challenges are exceptional, they are not unique. Coastal processes have shaped shorelines and communities around the world for millions of years. By sharing their experiences and knowledge, the people and places who face similar challenges can improve their ability to adapt, learn, and build resilience. From New York City, USA, to Kilwa Kisiwani in Tanzania, this event will consider the tools and principles that can be developed to guide the future of coastal heritage around the world–including the construction of sea defenses, citizen science initiatives, digital storytelling, and more.

Guest speakers will feature Vanessa Keith, registered architect and the Principal of Studioteka, Dr. Rohit Jigyasu, Project Manager, Urban Heritage, Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management at ICCROM, and Rob Woodside, Conservation and Estates Director at English Heritage. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Alexander J. Kent, WMF Britain Coastal Connections Lead.