Nature, Design, and Health! Explorations of a Landscape Architect with David Kamp

Dec 6
11:00 am
12:00 pm
2900 Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY 10458
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Nature, Design, and Health: Explorations of a Landscape Architect is a personal narrative of David Kamp’s innovative and internationally influential design philosophy. Drawing upon his new book, this talk chronicles Kamp’s remarkable career dedicated to connecting people with nature regardless of their capabilities—from children with autism spectrum disorder to elders with cognitive and physical challenges. He has also explored these ideas in the larger realm, showing how engaging individuals in the stewardship of nature is a critical component of revitalizing parks, schools, and communities, and essential to sustaining international programs combating climate change. By putting personal health on a continuum with environmental health, Kamp demonstrates how designing with nature can instill a sense of hope and promise to help us build a more vibrant, resilient, and equitable future.