Looking Beyond Landmarks: Celebrating That Which is Difficult to Preserve

May 20
9:00 am
1:00 pm
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Join the Historic Districts Council at the Annual Preservation Conference, which will examine sites that are difficult to preserve, including sites of cultural significance, non-buildings, places of commemoration and trauma, and monuments and public art.

Preserving the physical features of many sites doesn’t necessarily convey their underlying historical or cultural significance. Public art, landscapes, and memorials can often be erased or forgotten over time. What is the best way to reassess them; commemorating or protecting these places that warrant it for the future? Representatives from organizations such as Living New Deal, Queens Memory Project, the San Francisco Cultural Districts Program, CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, and more will join us to share examples of how they are doing this work.

In addition to the conference, join HDC for related programming throughout May and June, including in-person and virtual walking tours that will further explore these topics. Dates and location information will be released in the coming weeks.