International Streets: Combatting Emissions in Medellín

Mar 10
11:30 am
12:30 pm
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Join Urban Design Forum for a discussion with Carlos Cadena-Gaitán and Louise Yeung on creating climate-resilient streets in Medellíin, Colombia as part of our Streets Ahead series. In 2021, Medellín premiered the first Zona Urbana de Aire Protegido (ZUAP), or low-emission zone. As the first of its kind in Colombia, this new program looked to dramatically reduce air pollutants by restricting private car traffic from the city’s center. Coupled with major investments in green corridors, expansion of bike lanes and electric buses, Medellín has made strides to become the preeminent “eco-city” of Latin America. For his presentation, Carlos Cadena-Gaitán will share the successes and challenges of leading the creation of the first low-emission zone as Medellín’s Transport Secretary, followed by a discussion with New York-based resiliency expert Louise Yeung. How can cities combat the climate crisis by revolutionizing the use of the street?