House of Adaptation & Terraforma

Jun 12
9:00 am
9:00 pm
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House of Adaptation

2023 / 42 min / Netherlands

Director: Onur Can Tepe

A floating building in the middle of a major city begs the question– what will happen to society as sea levels continue to rise?House of Adaptation takes the viewers on a journey through the minds of the people who gave life to a climate-adaptive building. The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is an NGO that was looking for a place for their headquarters, so the city of Rotterdam proposed a donation– a building that will float with rising sea levels. The film captures the primary stakeholders, including politicians, designers, and builders.


2023 / 62 mins / Ireland

Directors: Laurence Durkin and Kevin Brennan

In the middle of the Atlantic, the remote island of Ascension offers a close-up look at the profound effects humans have on the environment, a lesson for all of humanity. After a million years entirely devoid of life, the remote desert island of Ascension was engineered into a tropical paradise through a process of ‘terraforming’. By examining this unique scientific design process, TerraForma asks us to consider what transformation might mean for the fate of our planet. In the future, when terraformed landscapes are more common, can human-engineered environments warp the very idea of what ‘nature’ means?