Dyckman Discussions: Indigenous Communities of Greater New York

Apr 1
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
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Dyckman Discussions is a two year discussion series focusing on exploring topics in New York history, such as forced removal of indigenous people, Dutch colonization, enslaved labor, and immigration. “Indigenous Communities of Upper Manhattan,” is the second panel in a series of 5 taking place in 2023.

More about the panel: The New York metropolitan area has yet to reckon with its history of marginalizing indigenous people – specifically the Delaware and Algonquin-speaking communities of the Northeast and Long Island. Chaired by Chritsian Aynne Crouch (Bard College), this panel casts a light on the practices, customs, and traditions of indigenous people. This will include a discussion of diaspora, as many of these communities were forced north, east, or west, as a result of the encroachment from European colonists and American migrants.

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