Design + Health, The Open City Paradigm

Jul 6
9:00 am
11:00 am
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In this open roundtable and workshop, we will discuss a prototype and its ability to go beyond common practice. Our intent is to explore new ground in three systems of resilience and community capacity-building: health, food systems and urban systems. We will present early findings on this approach we call Design + Health, and discuss how it impacts urban design through a pilot community project in the Delta region in Arkansas, USA. Additional discussion will focus on how a transdisciplinary perspective might integrate all three ecosystems (health, food, urban) and form a novel design approach for resilience capacity building.

Presentation and Moderation:
Christian R Pongratz
, Professor NYITSoAD
Chris Lawer
, UMIO, independent scholar

The Panelists:
Edgar Stach
, PhD. (Dr.-Ing.), Professor at Thomas Jefferson University,College of Architecture and the Build Environment & College of Design, Engineering and Commerce
Brookshield Laurent
D.O., Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, NYITCOM at Arkansas State University, Founding Executive Director, Delta Population Health Institute
Simone Sfriso
,Co-Principal Tamassociati

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