Building at Risk, When Theory Abandons Building

Nov 30
5:30 pm
7:00 pm
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Alessandro Melis, Professor, PhD, ARB, RIBA, AoU, IDC Foundation Endowed Chair Professor, New York Institute of Technology Speaker: Franca Trubiano, Associate Professor and Chair of PhD Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design Building at Risk, When Theory Abandons Building considers how contemporary scholarship in architectural theory has steered away from the topic of building in its reluctance to admit that both design and construction are central to its concerns. It argues for a realignment of architecture with the content of treatises, essays, articles, and letters by those who have been, throughout history, committed to the art of building. In this, the subject of this presentation is Building Theories, a book that argues for the return of a practice of architectural theory set amongst building, buildings, and builders. Students, practitioners, and educators will identify in Building Theories ways of thinking that strive for the integration of representation with tectonics; reject the supposed primacy of the former over the latter; recognize how aesthetics is an insufficient scaffold for subtending the subject of architectural ethics; and accept, without reservation, that material transformations have always been at the origins of built form. To RSVP please email