Book Talk: Divine New York

Dec 8
6:00 pm
7:30 pm
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“Each sacred space is a microcosm of the struggle of immigrants, the power of wealth, the need for community, and the human desire to seek spiritual guidance. These spaces give us the privilege of experiencing the great evolution of the great island of Manhattan.”
-Elizabeth Hartman in Divine New York‘s Preface

Join Michael Horowitz and Elizabeth Anne Hartman – photographer and author, of Divine New York: Inside the Historic Churches and Synagogues of Manhattan – on Zoom in conversation with moderator Justin Rivers, Chief Experience Officer of Untapped New York.

Manhattan is home to a remarkably diverse group of churches and synagogues, many of them several hundred years old. As we walk past them, we often find ourselves wondering about their history and what they look like inside. A rare treat for history and design enthusiasts, Divine New York: Inside the Historic Churches and Synagogues of Manhattan (November, Abbeville Press) takes us on an exclusive tour through the uplifting interiors of 65 houses of worship in Manhattan.

Horowitz and Hartman will spotlight sites from their book, and will share with us what makes these sites aesthetically, architecturally, and historically notable. A slideshow of images showcasing the sculptures, frescoes, fixtures, and architectural details of sites in Divine New York, will accompany their conversation, from the radiant stained glass windows in the Eldridge Street Synagogue, to the mighty vaulted ceiling of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, to the vast interiors of Temple Emanu-El and Trinity Church, to more intimate spaces such as the Lower East Side’s Bialystoker Synagogue and the Church of the Resurrection on East 74th Street, a rustic country chapel in the heart of the city.