Black Historic Sites in Conversation: The evolution of Weeksville as community and organization

Feb 23
6:30 pm
7:30 pm
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Join us to hear our panelists discuss the evolution of Weeksville as community and organization.

Panelists: Rachel Finn, Collections Manager, Weeksville Heritage Center; Zulmilena Then, Preservation Manager, Weeksville Heritage Center

Facilitated by Lewis Latimer House Museum staff

The historic Weeksville community once comprised what we now currently know as the Crown Heights and parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods. The organization, Weeksville Heritage Center, is unique in many ways but, particularly in that it's built around historic structures, houses from the original neighborhood, that are considered part of the institution's collections. This collections structure presents unique challenges and tremendous strengths for the Collections and Preservation departments in documenting and sharing the history of the community and organization in the neighborhood, city, and beyond.

Black Historic Sites in Conversation is a series of virtual talks in collaboration with different Black heritage sites & cultural centers in the greater NYC area, about the ongoing work of preserving, interpreting, and celebrating Black history and historical figures.