Beneath Our Feet: A Recap of Three Years of Urban Grasslands Research

Apr 15
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
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In this time of global pandemic, the restorative properties that green spaces have on the body and the mind are being increasingly felt by everyone. But how can we manage these landscapes to maximize their benefits, both for us and for the environment? Embracing Green-Wood’s legacy as a pioneering green space for the people, we have partnered with Cornell University on a research initiative that seeks to preserve our 478-acre landscape and leverage it as an asset in the fight against climate change. Join Dr. Frank Rossi from Cornell University School of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Green-Wood’s Director of Horticulture Joseph Charap for a presentation and conversation on the past three years of urban grassland research and its implications for the management of green spaces throughout the urban environment.

This conversation is part of our series of virtual programs about the horticulture and wildlife of Green-Wood, Zooming in on Nature