Special Event

Pumpkitecture! Architectural Pumpkin Carving Competition

Oct 27
6:00 pm
8:30 pm
Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012
(c) Matthew Carasella

Start off your Halloween weekend at the Center for Architecture’s fifth annual Pumpkitecture! competition!New York City-based firms will go gourd to gourd to once again compete for the Pritzkerpumpkin.

Who will squash the competition? What firm will succeed in summoning the Brutal ghost of Marcel Booeuer or invoking the spirit of Michael Gravesyard? Will theCrowned Curibitabe inspired by Frank-o-Lloyd Wright’s Guggengourd? See for yourself at Pumpkitecture! Come witness architects live-carve extraordinary structures and vote for the People’s Pumpkin!Pumpkitecture! will take place on Friday, October 27 from 6:00 – 8:30 PM. The carving will commence at 6:15 and will run through 7:30. Contestants will briefly defend their designs, after which jurors will deliberate and pick the winning pumpkin.

Are you part of an architecture or design firm that would like to participate in this year's competition? Register your firm via this link.

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