Shelley Niro Film Retrospective

Oct 7
11:00 am
5:00 pm

In conjunction with the exhibition Shelley Niro: 500 Year Itch (on view through Jan. 1, 2024), the museum celebrates the artist’s work in film over two decades. All films directed by Shelley Niro (Six Nations Kanyen’kehá:ka [Mohawk], b. 1954).


11 AM ET: Honey Moccasin (Canada, 1998, 49 min.)

Tantoo Cardinal (Métis) stars as a ballad-singing sleuth who traces the rivalry between two reservation bars.

1 PM ET: Kissed by Lightning (Canada, 2009, 89 min.)

Inspired by an ancient Iroquois tale, this story follows a Six Nations Mohawk artist who grieves for her lost husband. In an effort to extinguish haunting memories, she immerses herself in painting. Unexpectedly, an upcoming art exhibition forces her to consider the possibilities of the here and now.

3 PM ET: The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw (Canada, 2019, 96 min.)

As Mitzi Bearclaw turns 25 years-old, she is faced with a tragic decision – stay in the big city to pursue her dream of designing hats or leave her boyfriend and return home to her isolated reserve to help care for her sick mother. Loyal to her family, Mitzi reluctantly returns to Owl Island to find that not much has changed. Her confidence and modern style clash with the sleepy, slow-paced island but is surprised to find comfort in being home and starts to question her destiny.

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