AFFIRMATION 3: Design Justice

Oct 2
6:30 pm
8:30 pm

Former Deputy Mayor of New York City for Housing Vicki Been (NYU) and former Los Angeles Chief Design Officer Christopher Hawthorne (Yale) participate in the third edition of the AFFIRMATIONS series under the theme of “Design Justice.” The discussion will be followed by a response from Associate Professor of Professional Practice Adam Lubinsky (WXY) and Professor Weiping Wu.

AFFIRMATIONS is an eight-month series of discussions with designers, researchers, planners, preservationists, and activists to affirm and interrogate how to think and redesign the built environment at the intersection of climate, ecological, societal, bodily, and technological crises and defiance. As a project convened to interrogate and affirm how to think and practice the reworlding of societies and ecosystems now, AFFIRMATIONS is intended to align evidence and aspirations. It will summarize and state underrepresented histories and possible futures that emerge from the cracks in the structures of power built on the interdependency of carbonization, extractivism, colonization, racialization, anthropocentrism, inequality, patriarchy, and technocracy. GSAPP students and faculty, together with a cohort of respondents selected from all around the world through an Open Call, are participating in the discussion throughout the academic year. Learn more here.

This lecture will be hosted in Wood Auditorium at Columbia GSAPP and live-streamed for participants selected through an open call.

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