Woodlife Sweden at Archtober | Wood construction in focus – modular building, and innovation as motor for regional development. Digital round table discussion co-hosted by Swedish Wood




Oct 20

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Oct 20

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Sara Kulturhus. Photo Jonas Westling

The wood construction industry is undergoing a vast development right now, with climate issues as its main driving force. We all need to look at networks and existing buildings as resources, and a natural part of making a sustainable future happen.

The newly inaugurated SaraKulturhus stands as an example, and a generator for development of wood construction, local industry, and culture as catalyst for urban development. The innovative construction techniques in combination with modular wood-building makes it a model for what can be made possible when limits are pushed.

Sara Culture Centre is placed at the centre of Skellefteå, a Northern small town, rapidly adapting to new ways of developing, all centered around its Wood Strategy, where knowhow, creative courage and strong models for implementation meet.

A wind-turbine-tower in wood might sound to good to be true, but is becoming reality on large-scale, through the development by Modvion – a company based on the west-coast of Sweden. A prototype of 30m height has already been installed on the island of Björkö, and larger installations, of about 150 m height, are under current development, inland.

With design and architecture at its core, collaborations, knowledge sharing and courage drives innovation and become resources for developing a climate-neutral building sector, where wood is a vital renewable material.

Presented by: Swedish Wood

Ivan Rupnik, Architect, Founding Partner, ModX; Assoc. Professor, Northeastern University, Faculty of Architecture
Therese Kriesel, Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Urban Planning, Skellefteå
Robert Schmitz, Architect SAR/MSA, Lead Architect, Partner, White Arkitekter
Alexander Landborn, Environmental Engineer, Sustainability Manager, Link Arkitektur
David Olivegren, Co-Founder and Production Manager, Modvion, Göteborg

Susanne Rudenstam, CEO, Swedish Wood Building Council

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